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Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last Supper is the first installation of the Giovanni Chronicles. Taking place in 1444 CE, it focuses on the end of Cappadocius and the Conspiracy of Isaac.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
The first installment in the long-awaited Giovanni Chronicle, The Last Supper takes the characters to the subterranean lair/mansion of Claudius Giovanni, where the food they eat will be the last to ever touch their lips.
The characters become caught in the war between the clans of the Camarilla and those trying to form the Giovanni. Their actions during the Renaissance will shape the modern World of Darkness — and determine if they will ever see another night.
  • Intense roleplaying, as the characters deal with the trauma of becoming vampires while dealing with the horror around them
  • Detailed information on how to take the players deep into character
  • Numerous opportunities for both live-action and table-top gaming



An introduction to the historical setting, the stakes of the various conspirators and a hint to Cappadocius' goals.

Act One: The Art of fine Dining

The characters are introduced to the conspiracy. The Act ends with their Embrace.

Act Two: In the Halls of the Dead

The characters are taken before the Founders and tasked with infiltrating the Conspiracy

Act Three: The Choice

As the Giovanni's schemes draw to a conclusion, the characters have to decide where their loyalties lie.

Appendix: Beginning the Game

Tips for creating medieval characters and how to start the game.

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Conspiracy of Isaac, Apotheosis (VTM)

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