Ghouls & Revenants is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition that describes and updates the eponymous ghouls and revenants.


From the Onyx Path catalog:

By Blood It Is Done
Bound by their masters' blood, ghouls serve the undead and fight their battles in the shadows. Dragged, seduced, or forced into the night, ghouls live at the whims of their masters—for better or for worse.
By Blood It Is Made Anew
Revenant are twisted and unique. They have vampiric powers and extended life, as well as a form of the Beast all their own. Crafted by blending ghouls with dark magic, Revenants have become something else altogether.
Ghouls & Revenants includes:



Chapter One: Blood is LifeEdit

Detailing what a ghoul is, the possible relations between ghouls and their domitors, as well as how age affects them.

Chapter Two: Ghouldom, Blood Bonds, & SystemsEdit

A mechanical overview over the various factors that govern a ghoul's existence, including the fluctuations of the Blood Bond and learning Disciplines.

Chapter Three: Clan Ghouls and OrganizationsEdit

A detailed compilation of ghouls and their standing within the thirteen Clans, as well as weaknesses an individual ghoul suffers when it consumes too much vitae of that clan. Following are various ghoul-intern organizations, both in league with a Clan and independent.

Chapter Four: Revenants and their FamiliesEdit

A list over the still existing ghoul families, introducing Kairouan Brotherhood of the Assamites, the Rossellini of the Giovanni, and the Servants of Anushin-Rawan of the Ventrue, as well as several minor families.

Chapter Five: Character CreationEdit

A guide on how to build a ghoul character.

Chapter Six: StorytellingEdit

Tips on how to utilize ghouls in your chronicle or even make all-ghoul chronicles.

Appendix I: Gallery of GhoulsEdit

Templates of possible ghoul minions

Appendix II: Animal Ghouls and Monstrous CreationsEdit

A list of various non-human ghouls, including the flesh-crafted Szlachta and Vozhd.

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