Ghost Towns is a supplement for the Werewolf: The Wild West game, discussing the effects of the Umbra in the Wild West, including the influence of the Shadowlands and the wraiths that dwell there.


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Ghost Towns Ain't All Deserted
The Savage West is dotted with numerous sites that wraiths call home. Of course, when those wraiths start becoming a problem for the local Garou, relations between werewolves and ghosts sometimes get ugly. Just how ugly depends on what town you're talking about, and which particular pack of Garou...
Werewolves and Ghosts Side-by-Side
Ghost Towns offers a wealth of information to Storytellers wishing to incorporate events from beyond the Shroud into their Werewolf: The Wild West chronicles. Whether the chronicle demands area-specific information or a well-defined system for integrating ghosts into the story, Ghost Towns details it all. A unique resource for the ever-popular crossover World of Darkness games, Ghost Towns is a boon to Werewolf and Wraith players alike.

Legends of the Garou: Sheol ValleyEdit

Introduction: How to Use This BookEdit

Chapter One: Building a Better Ghost TownEdit

How ghost towns were usually created, and who, in terms of both Garou and wraith, you might expect to find in one.

Chapter Two: Notable Ghost TownsEdit

Information on Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Hatter's Well, Arizona; Malvado Canyon; Paradise, Montana and Lawrence, Kansas.

Chapter Three: StorytellingEdit

Storytelling tips for bringing Garou and wraiths together, and basic ideas for chronicles.

Appendix: Piercing the ShroudEdit

Rites that the Garou can use to enter the Umbra, notes on Garou in the Shadowlands, and notes on wraiths in the Skinlands.

Background InformationEdit

This book heavily crosses over with Wraith: The Oblivion; it is advised that Storytellers have a copy of Wraith handy when using the information in this book in a campaign.

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