Gharston Roland is a Ravnos antitribu of Montréal and a member of the Lost Angels pack.


Roland ran away from home when he was 15 and went to Los Angeles, hoping for a better life. It never happened and he found himself doing the worst jobs and earning little enough to survive. His hopes and dreams faded and were replaced by a deep seated nihilism. He became involved in the local crime scene and met his sire after a deal had gone bad. His sire had enraged a gang of Anarchs and was on the run. He Embraced Roland as a distraction, but found Final Death soon afterwards.

The new created vampire began to follow the people that had attended the ashes of his late sire and introduced himself to Carolina Valez, explaining what had happened. He was inducted into the Sabbat and into Valez' pack. He soon began to act as an enforcer and informant for Valez, prowling the nights of Montréal and listening to the plans of the other covens.

He survived the Week of Nightmares thanks to his pack.

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