Geza from Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption.

Archbishop Geza was the senior bishop in Prague in the time of the First Crusade. He was charged with the care of St. Thomas' Cathedral in Prague's Old Town, as well as the adjoining Convent of the Knights of the Red Cross. Geza had a black and white morality, condemning all vampires and other creatures as evil and praising the wrath of those who wished to send monsters and sinners to Hell. However, Geza was also attracted to one of his nuns, Anezka, and became jealous when a Crusader named Christof Romuald (who had been nursed back to health by Anezka after a wound) confessed his own affection for her. Declaring Christof wicked, but unable to send him back to his fellow Crusaders, Geza ordered Christof to patrol the streets of Prague at night, defending good citizens from the Tzimisce szlachta that roamed the city after dark. This proved to be a mistake, since Christof's absence from the Convent allowed a group of Premysl revenants to attack the Convent. When Christof returned, Geza accused Christof of bringing the evil upon them and then fled.[1]


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