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Author: James Moore
Research assistance: Keith Winkler
Developed by: Bill Bridges
Editing: Laura Perkinson
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Comic book art: Ron Spencer
Art: SCAR Studios (Steve Carter and Antoinette Ryder), Ron Spencer
Layout, Typesetting and Cover: Aileen E. Miles
Back Cover Artist: Joshua Gabriel Timbrook
Special Thanks:

Oh Soon "Red Nosed" Shropshire for guiding White Wolf's X-mas through the fog.

R. Christian "Not from aroundhere" Naberhause for his foreign ways.

Keith "Paducah Fats" Winkler for wielding his stick.

Danny "Toy boy" Landers for his growing collection.

Brad "Lost cause" Butkovich for all his Civil War books.

Rebecca "Flame on!" Shaefer for her human torch hair.

Diane "Dominatrix" Zamojski for being naughty, not nice.

Mike "Whipping boy" Chaney for being the X-mas present victimization poster child.

Louvie "UN peacekeeping force" Locklear for proudly bearing the flags of all nations at the X-mas party.

Jim "Designated driver" Souter for his remodeling skills.

Eric "The Red" Turnbow for being a Contender.

Sarah "Churchmouse" Timbrook as in "quiet as a..."

Author's Dedication:

The author would like to thank Keith Winkler for all of his assistance and enthusiasm, and Bill Bridges for making certain I didn't step on too many toes. Thanks also to my wife, Bonnie "The Black Furies are superior to the Get" Moore, for being a patient soul in an impatient world. Also to my entire family, for being fabulous Get of Fenris role models, though not quite as extreme.

This book is dedicated to the memory of Karl Edward Wagner. You died too soon sir. Take Asgard by storm!

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1995
Pages: 72
Product #: WW 3055
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-326-X
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: Digital: $10.00

The Get of Fenris Tribebook is the first tribebook regarding the Get of Fenris.


This fifth tribebook tells the story of the Get of Fenris: their Nordic heritage, legends and society as told by a Get skáld. The book includes a Legends of Garou comic book; the fierce history and harsh culture of the Get of Fenris; Nordic mythology and how it fits into the world of the Werewolf; the Get of Fenris from around the world and the battles they fight; new gifts, rites, and fetishes; five ready-to-play templates; and the most famous Get of Fenris and their legends.


Introduction: Sturm und Dom (Storm and Doom)Edit

Chapter One: Dreyrugr Spor (Bloody Pawprints)Edit

The history of the Get of Fenris.

Chapter Two: Krieg Lagern (War Camps)Edit

The culture of the Get of Fenris.

Chapter Three: Eine Welt fur Nehman (A World of the Taking)Edit

The Get of Fenris Around the World.

Appendix One: Seidar (Powers)Edit

New gifts, rites, fetishes, and totems.

Appendix Two: Jung Fenrir (Young FenrirEdit

Five ready-made characters.

Appendix Three: Hamarar Fenrar (The Hammers of Fenris)Edit

Famous get of Fenris of the past and present.

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