Georgia is an Unseelie Nocker Grump and cab driver in San Francisco.

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Georgia is originally from New York City and that New York attitude is a permanent part of her personality. At heart she's an anarchist and will never fully accept the structured existence of the Seelie Court. She is therefore Unseelie by default and it has nothing to do with politics. She is fiercely proud and protective of her taxicab: a 1957 Dodge in mint condition. Anyone who compliments her on it will have a friend for life, or at least the length of a cabride. She's a regular at the Toybox Coffee Shop and is usually willing to help out for a worthy cause, though her price can be steep.

She finds mortals a hoot. They'll believe anything she tells them, especially tourists. Other fae are only slightly less gullible. Other people exist as foils for he sharp wit and caustic humor, though occasionally she'll breakdown and give out some carefully hoarded wisdom as well. Machines like her cab can't be fooled, though. She spends a lot of Glamour on the cab so it can do the amazing things it can do.

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In her mortal seeming, Georgia's a middle-aged punk with short spiky hair worn with red, black, and white streaks. Her fae mien displays her brick-red skin and elongated, pointed ears; both of which are pierced, and a gold chain runs from her left ear to the center of her left cheek. She wears a leather bomber jacket and a battered cabby hat.

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