Geomids are a kind of spirit aligned with the Weaver.


Inorganic embodiments of the Weaver's energies, these spirits appear as fractals, geometric solids, or intricate mathematical patterns. They serve as receptacles and nodules for information, and work in conjunction with various other spirits in providing pattern to the Great Web. Geomids encountered in the Digital Web are referred to as icons.

There are three types of Geomid;

  • Attack Geomids: The front line of defence in the Pattern Web, these spiked and edged crystals and solids attack any unrecognised form they encounter (non-Spider or Geomid). They have two major attack forms; either simply slashing the spirit or Garou into many pieces, or summoning large clusters of them to swarm over the target and calcify them. Attack Geomids will not react to any unrecognised forms with anything but direct hostility, much less attempt to deliberate with them (although a crafty Glass Walker may confuse or misdirect them for a moment).
  • Information Geomids: Informational Geomids store knowledge about a particular subject. They may take the form of any perfect solid, whose size and complexity depends on the nature of the information they store. For example, a being containing encyclopaedic knowledge may manifest as an incomprehensible fractal whilst the smallest (known as "Bits") may be simple spheres or tetrahedrons capable only of "yes" or "no" answers. They share a rudimentary hive-link to the Weaver's Spider minions, meaning that if attacked, it may summon a horde of them to defend it. They are more often than not woven into the Pattern Web.
  • Structural Geomids: These architects guide the Pattern Spider's construction. Structural Geomids use their own bizarre angles and extensions to provide stability for laying initial webs. Although they are not warriors, some Structural Geomids are quite large, and will leave an area of attacked. If forced into Combat, however, they will attempt to crush or slam their enemies into the Pattern Web.


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