Geoffroi du Temple or just Geoffrey, is a fifth generation Ventrue, childe of Alexander of Paris. He has risen to the position of Prince of Paris since 1222 or 1223.

-Geoffroi du Temple

-Geoffrey le Croisé


Geoffrey deposed his sire in 1222, with the help of a conspiracy among the Courts of Love who involved even the magus Goratrix, of the Tremere. After the coup Geoffrey became the Prince of the Grand Court - a Ventrue-Toreador alliance currently ruled by the Ventrue upstart. After these events, however, most of the High Clans in France are too busy squabbling and politically fencing with one another to take full advantage of the wealth of opportunities the nation provides.

Geoffrey of Paris, had been swiftly losing the power his clan has held over the city almost since the fall of Rome. The young prince enjoys support from a number of powerful Cainites — including the Toreador Salianna, Matriarch of the Parisian Courts of Love and an ally of both Prince Mithras of London and Hardestadt of the Court of the Black Cross — but his relative inexperience at matters of leadership and the many bargains he made during his efforts to overthrow his predecessor now conspire to limit his effectiveness.

The individual Courts of Love across France, most of which are heavily dominated by the Toreador, are gaining power, and some have come to rule their local provinces or cities with almost complete autonomy. Geoffrey is currently making efforts to regain his authority, and several of those to whom he owed substantial debts have vanished in recent nights; for the first time, Geoffrey’s name is spoken in some quarters with a hint of fear, rather than the tinge of condescension which had become commonplace.


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