The Gentlemen's Society for the Rational Investigation of Super-Natural Matters was a small secret society of vampires based in Vienna, whose members were fascinated with the advances of science, particularly the "soft sciences", such as psychology.


The society consisted roughly about a dozen members - who include among their numbers the Malkavians Dr. Reiner Stoschka and Frau Florentina Lengauer, as well as the Tremere Dr. Manfred Machner.

They experimented on young Kindred to determine whether common clan traits such as weaknesses and affinities for certain Disciplines were psychological in nature. However, the experiments drove their subjects quite mad. One of their pacients was a Toreador woman, who found the only way to lessen her own pain was to share it with others. And to do this, she sang.


Although only implied, Dr. Stoschka's experiment stands as the only explicit and official explanation for the origins of the Daughters of Cacophony bloodline, (even though the fact that they first appeared in about 1700 conflicts with this theory since Victorian Age: Vampire takes place in 1880/1890).


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