Lady Gentian is an Iku Eshu and member of House Leanhaun.

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Adopted into House Leanhaun after her Chrysalis and Saining, this young eshu has trained in the ways of the house since she was eight. She refuses to tell her true name to most members of the house and so was given the name Gentian. She was awarded a noble title and holding only last year and has used her talents to serve the House as their chief spy.

Willowy and graceful, with dark brown skin, long, wavy hair, and startling blue eyes, she tells no one of her house affiliation, letting other fae believe she is nothing more than a traveling minstrel like many other eshu. She plays several instruments and sings beautifully as well as being an engaging storyteller. Her talents also include an eidetic memory for anything she hears, making her priceless as a covert operative. She has mastered the Arts of Wayfare and Chicanery prefers to patronize visual artists when she Rhapsodizes.

References Edit

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