Genhinnom, also called the Black Cathedral, was the greatest Bastion of the Fallen in the Age of Wrath and home to Lucifer himself.


Prior to its destruction by the Host, Genhinnom was the capital of the Legions and private citadel of the Morning Star himself. Built on the site where Lucifer was moved to tears by mankind's courage, the Valley of Tears, Genhinnom was to be the model for all other cities. Some said that Genhinnom predates the Fall and that Adam and Eve found shelter in its halls. Approaching Genhinnom, one would only see the walls and the spires reaching up from the ground and touching the clouds, clawing at Heaven and making the sky weep with rain.

When Genhinnom was finally besieged by Michael himself, the Rebellion was nearly over, the Grand Experiment had failed and all other Bastions were lost. The Crimson and Iron Legions fought to the last of their strength and held the walls for 40 days and 40 nights before the gates finally gave way and the Morningstar was bound in chains of fire.


Genhinnom was divided in nine layers.

  • The two lowest layers existed in shadow, where one would find the path to the forges of the Iron Legion. There, legendary artifacts and weapons for the battles against the Host were forged.
  • The third, fourth, fifth and sixth layers housed mortals, who built great citadels for them and erected Monuments for the honor of their guardians.
  • The seventh and eighth layers belonged to the Fallen, where they took up residence and made their homes.
  • The last and ninth layer was also called the Palace of Shadows and housed Lucifer himself.


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