Genevra was a member of clan Giovanni. Unlike many Giovanni, she held little loyalty to the clan as a whole, and would sell her services as a mercenary to any party, including both the Inquisition and the Sabbat. In the end, this attitude proved to be her undoing.


In life, Genevra was an Italian noblewoman, but by night she served the Giovanni as a minor retainer and a vessel of torment. Seeking to raise her position under the clan, she sought out the senile Giovanni elder del Georgio and petitioned him for the Embrace. Although he was initially amenable, his ruthless bride Carmina refused, and instead offered Genevra up as a plaything for her sadistic clanmates. Acting desperately, Genevra had her revenge when she betrayed her mistress' haven to Inquisitors, who quickly acted to put Carmina to the torch. Afterward, feigning innocence, Genevra was able to convince del Georgio that she had attempted to prevent Carmina's destruction. The grateful elder finally acquiesced to Genevra's request for the Embrace. Genevra, now a Giovanni neonate, quickly took Carmina's place at the head of del Georgio's household.

Genevra repeated the ploy that had destroyed Carmina, this time leading Inquisitors to her weaker clanmates. Her assistance in rooting out so many vampires won Genevra the gratitude of the Inquisition, which she was able to parlay into a level of Giovanni influence within the Church itself. The emboldened Giovanni clan was thus able to turn the eyes of these Inquisitors towards rival vampires of other clans. Genevra exploited this unique influence as leverage within the clan to gain tutelage in the well-guarded art of Necromancy.

However, this rapid and treacherous rise to power earned Genevra many bitter foes within the Giovanni. Additionally, her influence over witch-hunters waned with the power of the mortal Inquisition; by the dawn of the 20th century, there remained only a small number of hunters who she could reliably call upon. Seeking to strengthen her position, she turned to outside assistance: the Sabbat. Trading her necromantic lore in exchange for the souls of her Sabbat contacts' victims, Genevra sought to accrue power outside of the Giovanni hierarchy that had ever resisted her. Ultimately, her elders learned of her varied indiscretions, and none other than Augustus Giovanni allowed Francis Milliner, founder of the Milliner bloodline, to commit diablerie upon her in Boston in 1999.[citation needed]


Although Genevra was Embraced into Clan Giovanni, it has never been stated that her mortal family name was Giovanni.


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