General Lyros is a Seelie Troll Grump and member of the Catacomb Club.

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Though not a revolutionary at heart, General Lyros was the former general of the Eastland Troll Army and the (in)famous 4th Troll Commons Infantry during the Accordance War, and the current "leader of the opposition" in the Parliament of Dreams. It is a testament to the peace accordance of High King David that he is still accepted in fae society. He is a powerful troll of noble heritage and father of Duke Topaz. Although he is now a strong Traditionalist, he is also a political enemy of the Beltaine Blade and Duke Dray. These credentials, pared with his reputation for "telling things like they are," earn him the occasionally fanatical adoration of many commoners (especially his fellow trolls). Prior to the Resurgence, Lyros was one of the most powerful commoner nobles. As such, he is seen as something of a symbol by many commoners who resent sidhe rule and who hope he will show such rebel tendencies again. Lyros, however, has made his peace with the sidhe victors. He now seeks to build a better society for all kith, under King David whom he sees as a good and just monarch. He will support his king without question. Lyros spends most of his time out of freeholds, traveling the country. He is thus fairly advanced in years and appears as an aged, well-scarred troll who speaks with direct, good-natured eloquence.

References Edit

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