Genegineers are a Methodology of the Progenitors that focuses on the study of genetics.

They focus on the mastery of the Sphere of Life.


The Genegineers originate in the Hæmatologists of the Hippocratic Circle, who originally studied blood and how it moved through veins and arteries. With the advances of Mendel and Galvani, the Hæmatologists expanded their interest into how specific traits were transmitted and evolved over generations. They renamed themselves the Mutagenic Engineers. Their work significantly advanced with the discovery of the double helix and DNA. Believing to have found what the Cosian Circle had searched for, the Mutagenic Engineers chose to rename themselves Genegineers in a conference held in 1954.

The modern Genegineers have taken up the mantle of biological research to allow FACADE to focus itself on cloning. Their main focus is the Human Genome Project, which they hope to use to gain complete control over the human body and eventually understanding of every life form that ever existed. This will eventually unlock the key to Ascension.


The Genegineers frequently interact with the Masses, often with the intelligentsia of biological sciences, for their studies. With this, they make sure that every aspect of modern science is well represented in their ranks and they greatly value cross-disciplinary studies with other methodologies. Unfortunately, it also opens them to infiltration. The Methodology has been undermined several times by Tradition infiltrators, who used their contact with Sleeper for their own gain.

During the Pogrom, many of the Genegineers creations were used as warbeasts and guardians, and the methodology invested heavily in biological weaponry genetic enhancement for agents. Their recklessness is even seen with suspicion within the Technocracy. This has lead many detractors to speak of Realms modeled after Antebellum slave plantations, dark uses for the Human Genome project, and other abominations. In recent times, the Genegineers have tried to brighten their image by focusing on cancer research and genetic disorders, but the rest of the Convention still watches their activities carefully.

Damage Control used to be under the jurisdiction of the Genegineers before they were folded into Applied Sciences in the wake of the Reorganization. This was in large parts since it were creations of the Genegineers that demanded Damage Control's interference.


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