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Gehenna: The Final Night is the first book in the Time of Judgment Trilogy. Gehenna is set against the backdrop of Gehenna, the Kindred apocalypse, and ties into the game rulebook Gehenna and, loosely, to the other books published under the Time of Judgment banner. Although the primary protagonist of Gehenna: The Final Night is the Gangrel archaeologist Beckett, the story is told from the perspective of a number of other recurring Vampire characters.


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A Race Against Armageddon
For millennia, vampires have fed on the living, hidden in the shadows of mortal society. Legends say the undead descend from Caine, the first murderer portrayed in the Bible, who passed on his curse through his blood. Those same legends speak of a final reckoning, when Caine and his mad children will rise from slumber and consume all the undead. Vampires call this time Gehenna.
For the vampire Beckett, a researcher among the undead, it means one last shot at understanding the mysteries of the get of Caine – and at outrunning his own sins.
Vampire: Gehenna, the Final Night is the first act of the Time of Judgment, telling the story of a wide-ranging Armageddon among the supernatural entities of the World of Darkness.
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