The Geheim are a Ventrue bloodline originating in Central Europe in the 15th century. Their founder, Count Geheim von Graz, claimed membership in the Habsburg Dynasty and was able to build a substantial power base on the strength of his mortal ties. The bloodline declined as the Habsburgs did, however, and soon were no longer able to keep themselves in the manner in which they'd become accustomed.

The bloodline's traditional interest in alchemy, and their signature discipline Blut Alchemie, drew them towards mortal mystics in the early 20th century, including the eugenics-oriented Thule Society. Members of the Thule Society went on to found the Nazi Party, and while the Geheim clearly had no part in that, they found themselves outcast and tainted by association. In modern nights they cling to edges of Kindred society, or the Ordo Dracul, depending on whether they prefer to indulge their vices or their mysticism more.

The Geheim are notorious hedonists, and their tradition of experimentation with vampiric vitae makes them prone to vitae addiction. Their younger generation is largely composed of corporate climbers and crime lords, a far cry from their aristocratic origins.


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