"Gorgeous" Gary Golden is the Nosferatu Primogen of Los Angeles. Together, with other Nosferatu he lives in the Nosferatu Warrens under the Hollywood sewers.


When he was a mortal, he was a famous movie star, particularly during the 30s and 40s. It was around 1960 when he was Embraced and disappeared from the world of mortals, who officially pronounced him dead in 1965. It is likely that his transformation is the reason for his cynicism and bitterness. As he himself states about his face, "I like looking at it in the mirror. Builds character."

Gary sired Imalia (a classic Cleopatra) and Mitnick as part of his main brood in the Hollywood warrens.

In 2004, when the Prince's minion was sent to find Gary by Prince Sebastian LaCroix in order to learn the location of the Ankaran Sarcophagus, Gary sent them to Chinatown to find his agent Barabus; after that, he revealed that the Sarcophagus was now possessed by the Giovanni.

Gary has a lot of hatred for the Toreador, who according to him, deny their vampiric nature and are nothing more than a waste of blood.

He owned erotic posters of various women in LA.


By the clack-smack cracking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes. I don't remember seeing you on the guest list for the dinner party; we're having a wrap party for The Misfits about forty years late. Cast and crew only, boss.
You're used to getting what you want, aren't you, handsome. People just love your charisma, your face. They eat your words up like the rats eat the cheese in the trap. Oh, boss, where do you think you are?

(...) I want to stick your lovely face in a piranha tank; I want to apply acid glaze to your sculptured body; I want to throw your pocket mirror under a thresher and watch you fetch it. But I'm no butcher, boss, are you?"

  — to Toreador character
You get 'em, boss! You give 'em one for Gary! If you should survive and need any information, come back and see me. I'm always here... and everywhere...

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Only Gary gets under the skin of a Malkavian character, mocking them and saying maybe he's just another of the voices in their head. It's the only time a Malk will be so annoyed, they'll talk normally, with a "Where. Are. You?".

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  • PC game Headliner references Gary as a man who wants to marry his high school sweetheart Jeanette Voerman, but isn't allowed due to his genetically-unmodified status. Nines Rodriguez is the reporter on the article.

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