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Garou forms are the five different physical aspects a werewolf can change into. Other species of Fera also have similar forms, although they can vary in number.


The Garou are Shapeshifters of great ability, far more versatile than the werewolves of myth or film. They are far more than "humans who can turn into wolves" – these beasts are designed to shift easily from wolf to human, with a range of forms in between. With sufficient control over shapeshifting, a Garou can even transform only part of their body: grow Crinos talons in human form, or turn forepaws into hands.

Here are the five different forms a werewolf can assume:

  • The Homid form is virtually indistinguishable from that of an ordinary human being; in this form, the werewolf can travel through cities and crowds without being discovered.
  • The Glabro form (like some sort of Lupine Mr. Hyde), can still pass for human – somewhat – but while drawing on a portion of the werewolf's true power. Stronger, faster and more resilient than Homid, the Glabro form is still just a shadow of the werewolf's true killing power.
  • The Crinos form is the true battle form of the Garou, the form they take when no solution save violence will do. A hybrid of human and wolf, infused with the superhuman strength of this warrior race, the Crinos Garou is one of the most efficient killing machines in the world. Humans suffer such terrifying ancestral memories when witnessing an angry Crinos that they often break down into hysterics, forcing themselves to forget that such a monster exists.
  • The Hispo is the massive wolf of nightmare, a throwback to prehistoric days when the dire wolves were the size of ponies. It is a form designed to hunt – and to kill.
  • The Lupus form is the true "wolf" form of the Garou, allowing werewolves to hunt and live among wolf packs, or to call on the speed and superior senses of the wolf. Many a hunter has come to a horrible end after wounding a werewolf that he mistook for an ordinary animal – or the mate of a Garou who has chosen to live as a wolf for a time.