Fabulous and bizarre, these large, dense, man-shaped, winged magical creatures look like their namesake architectural features. Gargoyles are clearly supernatural; most are crafted from stone or similar material as automata to serve sorcerers as lookouts, guards or for other purposes. They were elaborated further in the Danse Macabre supplement book, which showcased rules on their construction, culture, and perspectives within the Kindred Covenants.


Although traditionally known as "Children of the Stones", gargoyles can be created from various materials, from stone, to metal, to wood, and so on. They are given life through vampiric birthing rituals, with the vitae of their creator often coloring their talents, purpose, and demeanor. When their master dies, they often crumble to dust unless precautions were made to render it only inert, or sometimes even free. This latter case is short lived, however, since vitae is required each month to prevent falling into stasis. 

The RitualEdit

Each covenant and clan has their own unique rites and rituals for creating gargoyles. Often, the ones used define what supernatural powers are available to the final product.

Clan GargoylesEdit

Each clan's blood affects the ritual that creates a given gargoyle, whether the sorcerer wishes it or not. Depending on said clan, various attributes are imbued into the "sub-group" of gargoyle.

Daeva: Children of the Beloved: Elegant and beautiful, these gargoyles protect their masters by playing on their enemies' emotions, entrancing them with seductive ploys.

Gangrel: Children of the Wild: Often suited to natural environments. Like their masters, they are hard and weathered, but able to adapt at a moment's notice.

Mekhet: Children of the Shadows: The most deceptive of gargoyles, with a knack for mind games and illusory misdirection.

Nosferatu: Children of the Despised: Even if not hideous per se, these gargoyles unsettle those in their presence, and are sometimes even made from discarded flesh.

Ventrue: Children of the Estate: Similar to the daevas, the gargoyles born from Lords are beautiful yet imposing, often to the point of undermining the wills of would-be interlopers.


For other created servitors, see "imbued," "voodoo zombie" and "homunculus." (VTR: Vampire: The Requiem Rulebook Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip, p 226)

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