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The Gangrel are one of the five clans of Kindred known for being primal, hardy and savage. They embody the myths of vampires turning into animals or otherwise changing forms. This clan is more closely connected to their Beast than other clans. Many Kindred believe that the Gangrel clan is an old one, but due to the Gangrel's bestial nature, few records exist that can connect their origins to any specific time period. While the murky pre-history of the Kindred contains any number of legends about bestial vampires, not all of these things coincide with the hallmarks of the Gangrel.

The Gangrel are masters of the shapeshifting Discipline of Protean, which gives rise to the rural old wives' legends of bestial vampires turning into bats, wolves and mist. The Gangrel are sometimes called Savages. [1]


Roman Era

Geographically, the Gangrel seem to hail from what is modern Eastern Europe, where they came into contact with the nascent Camarilla and were reluctantly drawn into that society. As Rome's holdings moved westward, so too did the Camarilla and thus the Gangrel. Historians also theorize strong Gangrel roots in what is modern Scandinavia. Since then, the Gangrel have chosen the outlying boarders of domains for their territories. As such, Gangrel are often seen as pioneers, eking out an existence where domains will later form, or as scavengers, clinging desperately to territories and refusing to yield once domains have fallen.

Background Information

The Vampire: The Requiem promo clan buttons depicted an alternate version of the Gangrel clan symbol, possibly an earlier version that was changed prior to the final release of the core rulebook. This version faced left, and had the fringe above the head rather than beneath. This may have been changed because it looked too much like a rooster.



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