Gamm World Player's Handbook is the core rulebook for Gamma World Sixth Edition. Despite the name, it is primarily a setting book, and requites d20 Modern for complete rules.


From the White Wolf Catalog:
Up From the Ruins
The Final Wars destroyed civilization. Competing forces battle for control of the shattered remains, using everything from strong fists and cold steel to the most advanced science of the old world and mysterious new powers of the mind.
The Gamma World Player's Handbook presents a new edition of the classic sci-fi adventure game, energized for the 21st century! Play humans, mutants and new races created in the chaos of the Final Wars, out not just to survive but to thrive in the midst of adventure, danger and mystery.


The World the Gamma Subunit MadeEdit

Chapter One: The Gamma WorldEdit

Chapter Two: CharactersEdit

Chapter Three: FXEdit

Chapter Four: Home Sector and BeyondEdit

Chapter Five: Comrade, Nemesis, MysteryEdit

Chapter Six: The Gamme World CampaignEdit

Appendix: d20M to D&D 3.5 ConversionEdit

Background InformationEdit

The cover to the Gamma World Player's Handbook is a modern, post-apocalyptic take on the D&D 3e (2000) trade dress. Instead of a grimoire, the cover shows modern debris, while the central orb has become a glowing ball of radioactivity.

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