Games of Divinity is sourcebook for Exalted's first edition, detailing the Celestial Bureaucracy and the various demons, spirits and minor gods who exist at its fringes.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Paw of the Little Gods is Vast
From the farthest reaches of the Elemental Poles to the heartland of the Realm, the world of Exalted teems with spirits, elementals and demons. Some still serve the Celestial Bureaucracy or are held in check by the Immaculate Order. Where the powers that restrain them are weak, the little gods rule men as princes, and their demands for worship and sacrifice impoverish nations.
Wise is the Exalt Who Knows Their Lore
This book details many spirits and elementals, both weak and mighty. Games of Divinity also covers the Celestial Bureaucracy, as well as those darkest of spirits, the Yozis, and their demonic minions. A must for every Storyteller and for players whose characters are wise in spirit lore, Games of Divinity reveals never-before-seen details of the world of Exalted's most powerful and dangerous inhabitants.



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