The Galloi are a bloodline of the Nosferatu Clan of vampires.


Vitae contains undeniable power and the Galloi know this. These vampires believe themselves to be prime examples of what the Blood can truly do. The Kindred of this bloodline believe that the Blood has reversed the Nosferatu curse. They claim that Vitae not only feeds them and empowers them but has also literally made the fiendish beautiful once again, if only for a time. To re-form his gruesome carcass, the Galloi bathes in blood, immersing himself completely within it. Once he withdraws from his bath, his monstrous flesh is replaced with an eerily perfect figure. Others call this bloodline the “Pretties,” a bitter sobriquet illustrating the alarmingly unnatural beauty of these monsters. The Galloi do not discourage the epithet. The bloodline has carried the knowledge of the ritual bloodbath since the primeval nights before Rome’s birth. The Pretties do not question from whence the power or wisdom comes. Revering the goddess Cybele, these blood-smeared cultists act as her voice among the Acolytes of the Circle of the Crone.


A Galloi must spend a number of Vitae equal to her Blood Potency and mix it with water, perfumes, oils and other arcane emollients. She must then immerse herself beneath the surface for a full hour. If she does this, she emerges from the bath changed. This beauty lasts for a number of nights equal to 10 minus the vampire’s Blood Potency.

If she does not immerse herself in another appropriate bloodbath before that time runs out, her appearance becomes skeletal and her body emits an odor of putrescence. Mortals within five yards of her are subject to a Stamina + Composure roll to avoid nausea. Worse, when in this state, the vampire suffers from the Inferiority Complex derangement (mild), or Anxiety (severe) if she already has the mild version.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Nosferatu clan

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