Galliard is one of the five Auspices under which a Garou may be born. Represented by the Gibbous Moon, the Galliard sings the soul of the Garou. They are the voice of the People, calling them to battle and inspiring them to greatness in life and in death. They are also keepers of traditions, carrying the lore of tribes all the way back to the beginning.



The Galliard, also known as the Moon Dancer by the Pure Tribes, is one of the five Auspices of the Garou, and possessed of the second-highest starting level of Rage, bested only by the Ahroun. Their task is to preserve the legends, prophecies, and history of the Garou, a truly sacred responsibility in an ancient society that stresses oral history and performance. Besides acting as lorekeepers, historians and prophets, they are also depended upon to act as a source of inspiration in times of desperate need, or for celebration in those rare and wonderful times of fortune. Those born under the gibbous moon are considered the most socially adept Auspice, and thus are used as emissaries. Their social ability stumbles a bit when it comes to humans and other mortals, as their high Rage tends to provoke the Curse and thus the fear and avoidance of said mortals. Among their pack, the responsibilities of a Galliard include stirring the emotions and energies of his or her packmates, reporting on and representing them at Moots, and providing a walking (and bellipotent) fount of knowledge.

Glory and Wisdom are the two forms of Renown most important to this Auspice, the former slightly more so than the latter. Truly mastering their Auspice can take long indeed, as they are charged with the responsibility of gathering and guarding knowledge, a task that is never complete. A Galliard of high Rank is doubly impressive, not only for their Renown and experience but also for their considerable social skills and charismatic presence. Sept positions that the bards are suited for include Master of the Howl, Talesinger, and Gatekeeper. They are most likely to enact Rites of Death and Rites of Renown.

Galliards of the Waxing Moon are said to have a more positive outlook and sing inspiring songs of victory and celebration. Those of the Waning Moon are said to be more dour individuals, singing songs and predictions of doom and sacrifice. The fire stirring within them is a dark and devouring one, rather than the white-hot flame of the waxing moon.



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