Down the street from the Asylum

Gallery Noir is an art gallery in Santa Monica, on the same street as the Santa Monica Medical Clinic.

In the game Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Jeanette Voerman asks the player to travel to Gallery Noir and slash four paintings (quest Slashter piece), claiming that the event is "lots of influential Santa Monicans slithering in for token appearances." The objective is to slash all four paintings in a particular order and, at the player's discretion, steal the charity box (rewards: $250).

Jeanette mentions "something about the paintings..." but cannot seem to remember what it is. If the quest is successfully completed the blood guardian is summoned. Unless the blood creature is destroyed the quest cannot and will not be successfully completed.


  • Jeanette Voerman refers to Gallery Noir as "the museum", this makes Gallery Noir respectfully a museum of art.
  • The organised collaboration meant to take place was a charity event. The player later finds out Therese Voerman was hosting the event.
  • If seduced, officer Chunk's behaviour toward the player is quite affectionate.


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