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When did life become so cheap? Have we always been so fragile? I have lived many lifetimes, I've watched empires rise and fall, I've played politics, I've fallen in love and stood by as love died and what do I have to show for it? Nothing. I am eternal, you are not, but rest assured - the end I give you is a greater mercy than having to exist for yet another damn night.
  — Galeb

Galeb Bazory is a 300-year-old Ventrue residing in Boston. He is one of the protagonists of Vampire: The Masquerade - Swansong, a video game based on Vampire: The Masquerade, developed by Big Bad Wolf and published by Bigben Interactive.


Galeb was born in 1710 in Constantinople as Sehzade Suleyman. He changed name to Galeb Bazory to honor his mother after she made him flee to the West to escape a revolt against his father, Ahmed III, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He was quickly adopted by a family of diamond merchants, and under their guidance, an adult Galeb sailed around the world in search of new business ventures. During this time, he expanded his already impressive intellect and deepened connections with people of power to the point where Galeb held a considerable amount of respect and influence.

Whilst in Cádiz in 1740, Galeb met Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a French explorer and merchant long presumed dead[1]. In reality, Tavernier was a vampire of clan Ventrue seeking to expand his control of the diamond trade. Galeb was clearly a prime candidate, and the two worked together in a fruitful relationship, to the point where Galeb considered Jean-Baptiste as a father figure. During a particularly candid conversation, both parties bared their souls to one another, and after Jean-Baptiste proposed siring Galeb, he quickly accepted, knowing the value of agelessness. Past his Embrace, Galeb became increasingly disgusted and disinterested in human affairs and decided to utilize his immortality for his own gain.

Galeb would eventually travel to North America. There he would come to explore the wilderness and train in the woods with a renowned explorer, Toussaint Charbonneau, Galeb became a master tracker and was able to discern any being's true nature through sight alone.

Galeb accepted an offer from the Prince of Boston, Quentin King, to take the position of executioner of the domain. Galeb served loyally, removing threats to the Camarilla.

He is the oldest, most powerful Kindred in Boston, and Prince Hazel Iversen treats him as her right-hand man. He has held numerous roles within the Camarilla, but finds himself at odds with the younger Kindred. In modern nights he has grown weary of the world and seemingly wishes to distance himself from the power struggles of younger Kindred. Galeb is an Elder who feels the Beckoning.

Xu Feng has caught his eye and he is considering her Embrace.

Character Sheet

Ambition: I will find a purpose for my existence or bury myself the earth.
Convictions: Never permit another to engage in wanton cruelty.
Touchstones: Sara Chandler, employee in Galeb’s shipping business who he raised from the street to corporate success.
Humanity: 5
Generation: 10th
Blood Potency: 4




See historical figure, [Suleiman]


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