Galatea is the legendary Progenitor of the Lineage which bears her name, one of the types of Prometheans found in Promethean: The Created.


The classic tale of Galatea has her as an exquisitely carved statue made by the woman-scorning sculptor Pygmalion who came to life after the goddess Aphrodite granted his prayer. As far as Prometheans are concerned, the tale is a lovely, if fanciful version of the real story. Pygmalion was not a sculptor, but an outcast, ostracized by the others of his island for his lack of grace and tact. Rather than a statue, the original Galatea was the corpse of a beautiful woman from the island who was brought to life through an ancient ritual. Some say the woman died of natural causes. Others say she was a bride-to-be whom Pygmalion somehow stole away, either through love or by force, and was then somehow accidentally or intentionally killed by poison.

Although Galatea and Pygmalion lived happily for a time, even creating a "child", Paphos, she became frustrated by Pygmalion's crude and controlling ways. Eventually, she left Pygmalion and Paphos. Legend says she attained her own New Dawn shortly thereafter and became human.

Alternatively, a few Prometheans have suggested that Galatea may have been a Construct, meaning the circumstances surrounding the original myth are, in fact, true. In these cases, there is some dispute as to Pygmalion's role in the story.

The glorified version of the tale, with Galatea's original form of a statue, perhaps has its origins in Galatea's Disfigurement. On the opposite end, those who believe in the Construct story point to the Disfigurement as a reflection of her original state.


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