The Galacian Confederation is a jumble of leagues, unions and councils representing territories of Central, Southern and Eastern Europe, all of which are ruled by commoners rather than by nobles.

The Resurgence was followed in Europe by the Five Years War, in which commoner kiths rejected attempts by the returning sidhe to assert their right to rule. The immediate and unified response of the commoners in much of Europe prevented nobles from gaining a significant foothold, and many sidhe fled (often to nieghboring Neustria) rather than live under commoner rule. Both sides agreed to an armistice beginning on January 1, 1974, and on May 1 the war officially ended and the Galacian Confederation was born.

Each sub-unit of the Confederation is ruled by its own democratically-elected leadership, although the exact nature of the government varies widely from place to place. Some parts of the Confederation are more friendly to visit nobles than others. Overall, the population remains 99% commoner, however.