Gadgets are objects that have been altered by Unchained in a similar manner to that of the God-Machine in its installation of Infrastructure. Basically, a Gadget is a physical object that has an Embed or an Exploit stored within. Gadgets are universally accessible, requiring no special connection to the God-Machine, but that doesn’t mean just anyone can use them. Gadgets have triggers set forth during their creation that range anywhere from passwords, to specific actions, to external stimuli. Trigger conditions are specific and tied in some way to a gadget’s normal function. Both kinds of Gadget differ in appearance and usage.

An Embedded Gadget is unassuming at the first glance, and only careful inspection reveals anything unusual about them. Embedded Gadgets can only be created from objects with a similar function, but run without the need of Aether.

An Exploited Gadget warps in its appearance, assuming distinctly unnatural traits. They have to be fueled by Aether in order to function.

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