Gabriel was a powerful Elohim and one of the four Archangels that remained loyal to Heaven after Lucifer's rebellion.


"Son of Adam, son of Eve, behold the mercy of the Father is greater than you will ever know, for even now there is a path opened up to you. A road of mercy, and you shall call this road Golconda. You shall tell your children of this road, for by it your children may come once again to dwell in the light."
  — Gabriel speaks to Caine; Book of Nod.
Gabriel is referred to as the Lord of Mercy, Vengeance, Death and Revelation, implying that he was part of the Seventh House. The gentle Archangel Gabriel was known as the Lord of Mercy as it was he who showed Caine the holy path to Golconda. His whereabouts as of the time preceding the Time of Judgment are unknown; either destroyed or banished from God's presence.

Vampire: The Masquerade Edit

In the Book of Nod, Gabriel is the last Archangel to reveal himself before Caine. Acknowledging his defiance, Gabriel nonetheless promises Caine salvation if he ever seeks to repent. Gabriel opens the way to all Kindred to achieve Golconda and earn individual salvation.[1]

In the Erciyes Fragments, Gabriel is the third Archangel to appear before Caine, referred to as "Dread Gabriel, by whose hands/Gomorrha was destroyed".[2] After his offer of forgiveness is refused, Gabriel curses Caine with hunger for blood, sets him apart from the living and spreads the seeds of rebellion into his progeny, fulfilling a role that is traditionally held by Uriel.[3]

Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade Edit

A visitation of the archangel Gabriel alleged caused the formation of the Cabal of Pure Thought, who called themselves Gabrielites.

Demon: The Fallen Edit

After the Rebellion, Gabriel entertained the High City of Shamayim within the mortal world. It is said that Gabriel chose to remain on earth in order to convince Lucifer to repent and return to Heaven.[4] After the end of the Silent War and beginning of the Time of Atrocities, Gabriel vanished, supposedly to visit Caine and cause him to repent.[5] He later reapperad at the defense of Shamayim, where he fought and later refused an order of God himself to retreat from the battlefield, in order to protect a mortal woman from the Devourer Lirael. At the end of the battle, Gabriel had vanished and did not appear again during the course of the war. Some Demons believe that Gabriel chose to fall instead of abandoning his love. If this is the case, he was not banished into the Abyss.[6]

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