Written By: Robert M. Schroeck
Based on the original game by: Stewart Wieck
Additional game material by: Sam Chupp, Christopher Earley, Robert Hatch, Chris Hind, Mark Rein•Hagen, Kathleen Ryan, Stephan Wieck, Travis Williams and Keith Winkler
Edited By: Jeff Koke
Cover Painting by: John Zeleznik
Cover Graphics by: Jeff Koke
Illustrated by: Dan Smith
GURPS System Design by: Steve Jackson
Page Layout and Typography by: Jeff Koke
Interior and Color Production by: Jeff Koke
Production Assistance by: Lillian Butler
Print Buying by: Andrew Hartsock
Sales Manager: Dana Blankenship
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games
Published: 1994
Pages: 192
Year: 1994
Publication #: SJGO 6068
Reference #: ISBN 1-55634-284-5
Price: $19.95 US

GURPS Mage: The Ascension is the official adaptation of White Wolf's World of Darkness storytelling game Mage: The Ascension to Steve Jackson Games' GURPS rules system.


From the back cover:

Truth Until Paradox
Humanity lies ignorant, wandering through their empty lives like sheep.
The true power in the world comes not from wealth or armies or science.
There is only one true power. The arcane arts. The power of the soul. Reality programming.
Enter the World of Darkness, where mages of the awakened Traditions battle the cold Technocracy in an ancient war to decide the fate of humanity's fragile souls.
Wield incredible, earth-shaking power, but do not be too arrogant, for all power has its price. The forces of Paradox wait to destroy those who bend reality too much.
Enter a world without limits. Enter a world where everything is possible.



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4. MagickEdit

5. PermutationsEdit

6. Into the UmbraEdit

7. The TechnocracyEdit

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9. ConversionsEdit



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