Fylfot is the Ananasi term for a fetish.


Fylfot are similar to Garou fetishes, with a few notable differences. The Ananasi prefer manmade items that have been imbued with spirits; such innocuous objects are easier to carry in the world of man, where the Ananasi are most likely to need them.

Also, the spider is a trapper, not a negotiator, and the spirits that inhabit these items are rarely placed there by choice; if a werespider creates a Fylfot version of a fetish, the Gnosis will tend to be higher than the original fetish’s gnosis.

Perhaps most noticeable is the fact that the Ananasi refuse to use a spirit-imbued weapon. There is no werespider equivalent to the klaive, nor do any of the spiderlings want to own one. They claim that relying on fetish weapons proves that you have forgotten how to use your intellect. Even the Myrmidon prefer using their natural talents and cunning over an external weapon.

Another difference that helps distinguish a Fylfot is the concept of uniqueness. Most of the items that the Ananasi use are one-of-a-kind. They consider it insulting to duplicate another’s Fylfot, and strive to create or obtain a unique magical item. To the last, they all enjoy obtaining and owning a Fylfot object, and love to create one that they can attach their name to for future use.


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