The Freedom Swords are a society of Eshu bound to combat slavery wherever they find it.

Overview Edit

Founded in the late 16th century to combat the slave trade, the Freedom Swords were fighting what was hitting close to home. Slavery is anathema to the Eshu because it is the total abnegation of one of their greatest values: Uhuru, or Freedom. The original Swords fought in secret and their cunning ruses, daring rescues, and midnight raids are the stuff of legends, making them the Eshu equivalent of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Originally a handful of heroes come together to fight a tenacious and monumental evil, they still operate today, fighting slavery in its many forms, wether that be the more traditional work bondage, the sex trade, or human trafficking in general. A few take the the idea of freedom to an emotional or psychic level and battle addictions as non-traditional therapists.

References Edit

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