Freebie points (or just "freebies") are points spent on traits at character creation which are not allocated to a particular trait category. They are a feature of the Storyteller and Revised Storyteller systems; in the latter they are known as bonus points.

In the standard character creation process followed by Storyteller games, a player is given a set number of points to allocate to each trait category: Attributes, Abilities, Backgrounds and so on. Freebies can be exchanged for dots in any trait, allowing a player to fine-tune a character; they are also the only way to purchase Merits at character creation.

Freebie points are exchanged for traits at varying rates; one dot in an Attribute typically cost 5 freebies, for example, while a dot in an Ability cost 2. Unlike dots bought with experience, dots bought using freebies do not become progressively more expensive at higher ratings; the fifth dot in an Attribute costs the same number of freebies as the third.

Most supernatural character types receive 15 freebie or bonus points, while human characters (who are generally allocated significantly less points in each specific trait category) receive 21. It is also possible in most games to receive extra freebie points by purchasing Flaws, though Storytellers were advised to place a limit (usually 7) on how many extra freebies could be gained this way. Increasing the number of freebies was also seen as an easy way of allowing characters to create more powerful or more experienced characters.

Freebie points are not used in the Storytelling System; more experienced characters are instead allocated a number of unspent experience points which are spent in the usual manner.

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