Frederick the Brave is a Pooka hero of the Accordance War.

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During the Accordance War, many pooka earned recognition for their bravery and self-sacrifice, though none became quite as famous as Frederick, a mouse pooka. Near the end of the war, the sidhe had learned to guard their meetings against espionage and eavesdropping by choosing sites either so completely open or so completely enclosed that no pooka could creep close enough to overhear their plotting. Frederick, however, found a dangerous solution to that. He would shift into his mouse mien and wait near the location of the meeting. As soon as a lady or lord passed by with a flowing cape or gown, he would leap forward and nestle himself in the trailing folds of cloth. In this way, he managed to sneak into many important enemy reunes.

One night, Frederick clung to the cloak of Lord Peregrine as he traveled to several different meetings throughout Boston. The ride proved harrowing. The Lord rode his horse between locations. Frederick clutched desperately to the cloak as it whipped in the wind. By the end of the night, his little claws were bloodied from the effort and he suffered severe nausea. When it had all finally come to an end, Frederick stumbled off the cloak and waved forth his packmates, who had followed along the whole way and waited outside as Frederick gathered his information. He relayed to them what he had learned. Unfortunately, as Frederick turned to go home, dizzied and ill, he wandered out in front of the Lord’s horse. It spooked and stepped on him.

References Edit

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