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Frederick Kromrich is a Pentex executive, was part of its Board of Directors.


A former mass murderer, this 60ish Swiss gentleman comes from one of the wealthiest families in the world. His family has been in the service of the Wyrm since the Middle Ages, helping to spread corruption and death. Frederick Kromrich fanatically serves Beast-of-War, the aspect of the Wyrm focused on destruction.

He believes that he is a reincarnation of one of his ancestors and that to free himself from the chains of mortal existence, he must cause destruction on a heretofore unparalleled scale. He strongly supports all activities that endanger Garou, seeing the werewolves as the company's greatest threat. He is closely supported by the Black Spiral Dancers in these activities. Kromrich possesses moderate psychic abilities, which were activated by the Wyrm. Kromrich is often involved with the Pentex Acquisition branch and the Project Odyssey.

In recent decades, several Directors have fallen to internal struggles and external athreats. Donald Gauntley, Elliot Meiche, Robert Allred, Frederick Kromrich, Enzo Giovanni, Danforth Stern, and James Kiker are no longer part of the Board or the company. Werewolf killed some; others found themselves fatally ousted, while a few disappeared entirely.