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Sir Frederick Appleton is a Pentex shareholder. A Yeren who was recently thwarted in his attempt to come into the board of directors.


A Pentex shareholder and a senior civil servant in the British government, Sir Frederick has smoothed Pentex’s integration on the international stage. As one of the architects of Magadon’s long term joint research and development deal in the UK, as well as securing drilling rights for Endron International in the Timor Gap. He received his title for his work in helping the homeless and victims of domestic violence, setting up charitable foundations and scholarships so they can better themselves.

All of his work is a cover. Sir Frederick’s meteoric rise through the treasury has nothing to do with charity and everything to do with his ruthless business instincts. He makes friends and builds good PR as weapons against people who would discover the truth: he is one of the Yeren, a product of Project Lycaon. While he has not ascended to the Board, he was able to pull enough strings to take over Project Lycaon, creating and directing the Mockeries for his own ends — and keeping himself out of the firing line.