Freak Legion: A Players Guide to Fomori is the primary sourcebook for information on fomori, and one of the few books to provide players with rules for playing characters explicitly identified as antagonists.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Chosen by the Wyrm
Pentex wants to speed up the process of human evolution. If nature won't do it quick enough, then Pentex will have to do it instead. Thus, the fomor: a sick, corrupt combination of Bane and human, a superpowered freak unfit for human society, blessed with deadly powers yet cursed with terrible diseases - and now you can play one of these things!
Abandoned by Gaia
Courtesy of Black Dog Games and the Wyrm, find out what life is like among the Wyrm's chosen. Lead assult teams against your Garou oppressors! But beware: A fomor's life is more extreme than you can imagine. Boundaries are crossed and conceptions shattered.
Freak Legion: A Players Guide to Fomori is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Apocalypse. It includes:
  • New fomori powers, Bane fetishes and Pentex equipment
  • Fomori breeds, from the disgusting Freakfeet to the hideous Hollow Men
  • Details on werewolf, vampire and mage fomori


Food for WyrmsEdit

A comic featuring Mort, a hapless human who becomes a fomor. Written by Phil Brucato, art by Steve Prescott, lettered by Matt Milberger.

Introduction: ViolationsEdit

A "Reader Advisory" preparing the reader for the type of content in the book, as well as an introduction to fomori.

Chapter One: Character CreationEdit

Rules for creating both randomly generated and custom built ex-human fomori.

Chapter Two: BreedsEdit

Rules and background on some of the more well-known breeds of fomori.

Chapter Three: Supernatural FomoriEdit

Rules for supernatural fomori, focussing on bane-infested Vampires and Garou.

Chapter Four: RecruitmentEdit

Information on some of the groups that create and/or recruit fomori.

Chapter Five: Low SocietyEdit

Details fomori society and organisation, mostly with regards to Pentex.

Chapter Six: StorytellingEdit

Advice for storytellers on running fomori-based games.

Appendix: The Wound Within (Banes)Edit

Traits and information on some of the banes that most often possess humans (or others).

Background InformationEdit

  • This book was published under the mature-line Black Dog label.
  • The title page bears the subtitle "Revolt of the Flesh".
  • Freak Legion features one of the rare examples of random character creation to come out of White Wolf.
  • The final pages include an ad for "Dr. Veridian" in the mold of comic book get fit quick ads.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"It is only fair to warn you this book is gross." - the first lines of the Introduction's Reader Advisory.




Banes, Fomori, Iliad, Pentex

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