Frankenstein's Monster was a Promethean created by Victor Frankenstein. It is the Progenitor of the Frankenstein Lineage.


The story of Frankenstein's creation became popular with the novel of Mary Shelley, but has long since become a legend unto itself. The different versions all agree on the point that Frankenstein's single-minded desire to create life led him to create a monster instead. In turn, the monster blighted Victor's existence.

Frankenstein had intended his creation to be beautiful, a new Adam Kadmon, a complete, perfect man, born in innocence. What he made was an abortion, stitched together from human corpses. Escaping his confines, Frankenstein's monster traveled abroad in the world, meeting only loneliness and rejection. The Creature grew to hate Victor for giving him life, and he swore revenge. The Creature's choices, however, were limited. Everywhere he went, everywhere he tried to make some contact with humanity, he found himself shunned and attacked. Eventually, with nowhere else to go, the Creature returned to hound Frankenstein, begging the scientist to make him a mate, a bride.

The most commonly told version of the story has Frankenstein failing to finish the Bride, destroying the half-finished body before giving it life. Another version has him finishing his second creature. This version ends with the Bride rejecting the monster. In his rage, the Creature made dire threats to the safety of the creator's family and then withdrew. Over the next couple of years, the Creature made good on his threats.

Prometheans tell that the Creature is still abroad. At some point, he learned how to create his own creatures. Perhaps he learned from Frankenstein himself, watching as the demiurge worked on the ill-fated Bride. He certainly made Promethean children of his own. The spark of Divine Fire that animated him worked its alchemical magic and transmuted his understanding, imbuing him with the knowledge of how to create his own monsters.

The Wretched say that it was the Creature who made the Bride, not Frankenstein, and that he failed spectacularly. Instead of a boon companion, he created a Pandoran. In the same way that Frankenstein's monster plagued his creator, the Bride and her spawn still plague their Progenitor, even now. Other stories tell of the monster's attempts to make brothers, sons or just friends. In every story, his own creations reject him, just as his creator rejected him. The Creature's loneliness and anger drives him still. Unpredictable and possessed of great power, the Wretched respect and fear their Progenitor.

There are other tales about the creation of the Progenitor; some claim that Mary Shelley herself and the writer John William Polidori used the heart of Vates, the last Amirani, to create The Creature, referred to as Adam. 

In these times, a Frankenstein named Verney claims to be the original monster. Whether he speaks the truth or is delusional remains to be seen.


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