France by Night (also Vampire: The Dark Ages 20th Anniversary France by Night, or simply 20ADAV: France by Night) is an official sourcebook for Vampire: The Dark Ages 20th Anniversary , published by Arkhane Asylum Publishing, depicting the V20 version of the Dark Medieval setting of France.


From the Arkhane Asylum Publishing website:

The events taking place in France have repercussions in a large part of Europe.

The kingdom is the birthplace of Gothic cathedrals , the Grand Court and the Courts of Love. European trade is largely centered around the fairs of Champagne, whose provinois'denarius prevails throughout Europe.

The ability to influence France and its powerful is essential for the politically minded Cainites of Europe. And even those who try to turn away from it are caught in its web, at the mercy of insatiable predators. The reconquests of Philippe II Auguste on the Plantagenêt territories give back to the royal domain a splendor that it had not known for centuries. The King of France is once again a powerful monarch and the young and pious Louis IX exercises his authority with the same severity as his grandfather, crushing the revolts of ambitious lords guided in the shadows by immortal creatures with long teeth.

The massacres of Cainites during the Albigensian Crusade represent a most serious warning for the Damned who would think of themselves as safe, isolated in their shelters, protected by their ghouls and puppets of flesh. The Inquisition is growing at a frightening speed and the convents of the begging orders are taking over the cities, bringing danger as close as possible.

Sometimes immortality seems very fragile.

France by Night includes:
*A brief history of France, from Prehistory to 1242.
*A description of the different areas of the kingdom.
*A look at religion, mysticism, witchcraft and the birth of the Inquisition.
*A presentation of werewolves, mages and other supernatural creatures on the territory
*Many allies and antagonists
*Many powers, lineages, Ways and extraordinary objects



Provides the theme and mood of the book, as well as instructions on how to best use it.

Chapter One: A brief History of FranceEdit

This chapter introduces presents the history of France from Prehistoric times, to the fall of the Carolingian Empire, the decline of the Church in the Capetian revival, but also the Cainites, the War of the Princes and the advent of universities.

Chapter Two: Domains of FranceEdit

This chapter offers coverage for 16 regions of France , around a hundred cities and their plots.

Chapter Three: Religion, Mysticism and WitchcraftEdit

This chapter presents the religion and mystical beliefs of vampires and mortals: we see the Albigensian Crusades, the Cathar Heresy, the Cainite Heresy, the Inquisition and its various orders, the issues of excommunication and monastic life for vampires , the practice of alchemy, witchcraft and superstitions, the nightlife of mortals, and leprosy..

Chapter Four: The OthersEdit

This chapter lists the influence of Werewolves and their tribes, the other were-creatures, the prophecies of the Shadow, the magi and their 6 big communities, the Wraiths and the Faes.

Appendix One: Allies and AntagonistsEdit

This part described, by clan , multiples french cainites.

Appendix Two: Magic, Artifacts, Paths and BloodlinesEdit

This part gives many new rules for Paths , Disciplines , rituals , True Faith and Bloodlines specific to France.

Background InformationEdit

As this book was financed by subscription , ten of these suscribers were allowed to create their own character to be added to the WoD canon .

Memorable QuotesEdit




Salim Al-Ahzan


Ayr L'Enclume

Eudes de Troyes


Mathieu , the fighting brother

Quentin de Senlis

Véronique d'Orléans


the Vate



Runi , the Grey she-wolf


Eudes de Saint-Gilles

Foulques de Beaulieu


Victorien Loyola



Pierre l'Imbecile

Piotr le Rus





Sarmis the traveler


Aymeric de Saintonge

Follower of SetEdit

Jean-Batiste de Montrond


Amadeo Di Venice

Antoine de Montlhéry

Beatrix , Prince of Foix .

Esclarmonde la Noire , Queen of the fallen Toulouse Court of Love .

Etienne de Poitiers , King of the Poitou Court of Love .

Nicholas le Jeune

Julien de Lille

Guillaume de Lorris

Hélène la Juste Queen of the Champagne Court of Love .

Isouda de Blaise , Queen of the Anjou Court of Love .

Saint Regis , Prince of Marseille.

Salianna , Queen of the Paris Court of Love , Matriarch of the Toreador.


Goratrix , Regent of Paris chantry.

Ambrosinus , Regent of Bruges chantry.

Aolis de Déols , Regent of Narbonne chantry.

Maître Benoît , Regent of Rouen chantry and member of the Échiquier de Rouen.

Thomas de Cherbourg , spymaster and member of the Échiquier de Rouen

Jean Furneaux

Tania Caboche

Viorica ,Regent of Tours chantry.


Jehan du Pleaux






Ebles le Croisé

Éon de l'Etoile

François d'Alencourt

Geoffrey du Temple

Jean Ploërmel

Saviarre d’Auvergne




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