Fox Frenzy is the general state of mind in which a shapeshifter loses control of himself because of fear.


Fox frenzy

Rage card depicting a fox frenzy.

When the fox frenzy occurs, the Fera does everything in his power to escape. He takes his animal form and runs. The only time he attacks is when something gets in his way, and only for long enough to get past his opponent. The character runs until he can find a safe hiding place, where he will remain until the frenzy passes.

Whether in berserk or fox frenzy, combat maneuvers and pack tactics require a level of thought and control that a frenzying werewolf does not have. He has three options: bite, claw, or run. He can spend rage for extra actions, but can’t split dice pools, use gifts, or step sideways. A frenzied Fera does not feel pain, and ignores all wound penalties.

A shapeshifter can only come out of frenzy once the triggering situation is over.