The Fourth Generation are vampires who are three steps removed from Caine in generation. Such powerful creatures are also known as methuselahs, and are either childer of the Antediluvians or else have committed diablerie on one such childe of an Antediluvian. Vampires of the Fourth Generation can carry 50 blood points, spend 10 blood points per turn, and can have a maximum trait rating of 9 dots. In the Fifth Edition, they have a minimum Blood Potency of 5 and a maximum of 10, the highest in the game.

Known Members of the Fourth Generation[edit | edit source]

Some individuals are not contained in this list either because their name is not known or because their name is believed to be an alias. There may be other individuals of the Fourth Generation not listed below.

Characters marked with an asterisk (*) are known to have lowered their generation to fourth via diablerie. These characters were not Embraced by their clan's Antediluvian progenitor, but by one of the Antediluvian's descendants. (Some others, such as the later members of the Tremere Inner Council of Seven and figures like Mithras where the lines of descent become unclear, might have lowered their generation via diablerie, but only characters who are known to have done so are marked as such.)

Assamites[edit | edit source]

Baali[edit | edit source]

Brujah[edit | edit source]

Cappadocians[edit | edit source]

Children of Osiris[edit | edit source]

Followers of Set[edit | edit source]

Gangrel[edit | edit source]

Giovanni[edit | edit source]

Laibon[edit | edit source]

Lasombra[edit | edit source]

Lhiannan[edit | edit source]

Malkavians[edit | edit source]

Nosferatu[edit | edit source]

Ravnos[edit | edit source]

Salubri[edit | edit source]

Toreador[edit | edit source]

Tremere[edit | edit source]

True Brujah[edit | edit source]

Tzimisce[edit | edit source]

Ventrue[edit | edit source]

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