Fountains of Bright Crimson is a campaign book for Vampire: The Dark Ages that reveals the truth behind the legendary Weeks of Blood that affected mortal and kindred alike.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Holy City Gone Mad
In 1099, the victorious Crusaders captured Jerusalem and then embarked on an epic frenzy of slaughter and destruction. Now, a century later, the seeds watered by that bloody harvest finally blossom. A madman stalks the nights. An ancient vampire stirs in his slumber. A holy spring weeps tears of blood. Unless someone can learn Jerusalem's darkest secret, the slaughter will begin anew.
Blood Stains the Waters
Fountains of Bright Crimson is an adventure chronicle for Vampire: The Dark Ages. It explores the greatest mystery and tragedy of Jerusalem's Cainite history - the Weeks of Blood. Now the hideous truth behind the slaughter of innocents can be told - if you are brave enough to know the answers.


Set in Jerusalem in 1197, this chapter gives an overview of the chronicle and the major players.

Act I: The Trouble with TremereEdit

Infernalists are at work in Jerusalem, hoping to raise an ancient Cainite. Tremere infernalists.

Act II: The MadmenEdit

A crazed crusader is causing havoc throughout the city. Problem is, his duties ended a century ago.

Act III: Running Through the Holy CityEdit

The characters investigate Five's haunts, gathering information on him and the plans of the infernalists.

Act IV: The Byzantine RuinsEdit

The hiding place of Five and his companions are revealed and investigated.

Act V: The Abbey of Mount ZionEdit

The corrupt hideout of the Baali leads to a confrontation with the source of the Weeks of Blood.

Conclusions and AftermathEdit

Possible outcomes, and the effects of a very potent prize...

Background InformationEdit

This book was written to work closely with the information in VTDA: Jerusalem by Night Bullet-pdf ; it is advised Storytellers have a copy of Jerusalem handy if they plan to run this campaign.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"This is a story of madness incarnate." -- Introduction



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