fount: a plumbing fixture that provides a flow of water

Fount was the term used by magi in the Dark Ages to describe their inner potential for manipulating magic.

The mages of the Dark Ages are largely unaware that their Fount is actually a separate entity which enables the use of magic. The matching between these Fount-entities and their host mages is so perfect (enabled by the continued existence of Psychopomps) that the entity's own voice is quieted, while simultaneously granting increased power to the mage. While in theory this perfect joining is a good idea, in practice an imperfectly-matched Fount-entity's constant challenging of the mage acts as a sort of conscience and guide. Without this inner voice, many mages fall prey to infighting and hubris, becoming "extraordinarily potent total bastards."

Later, in the Dark Fantastic, this inner potential would be recognized as a separate entity, the Daemon. In the modern era, it will be known as the Avatar.

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