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A Fortune is the elemental affinity of each Kwannon-jin. It is also an action performed or event in place that makes using Wu Tan easier.


Each Kwannon-jin of the Hsien, the Eastern "Changelings," is associated with an elemental affinity based on the 5 elements of Asian lore. This affinity effects a character's starting Yin and Yang Chi scores as well as their initial Wu Tan learned.


Yin & Yang Chi

  • Earth - Yin 4, Yang 4
  • Fire - Yin 2, Yang 6
  • Metal - Yin 5, Yang 3
  • Water - Yin 6, Yang 2
  • Wood - Yin 3, Yang 5

Wu Tan

N.B.: No Kwannon-jin starts with an affinity for Nei Tan (Internal Alchemy).

Wu Tan Fortunes

There are many ways to add Fortunes to a Magic Roll. See the page Wu Tan for more depth.

  • Color: Wear the color appropriate to the element invoked
  • Direction: Stand in an auspicious direction from the target
  • Dzi Dzet: Make a paper representation of the target or effect
  • Festivals: Perform the effect at an appropriate festival
  • Poetry: Write a Haiku for the effect
  • Season: Perform magic in the season appropriate to the element
  • Sense: Caster and target are both experiencing an appropriate sense for the element
  • Skills: Use a related skill
  • Wani Form: Being in Wani form is an automatic fortune


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