Forsaken Chronicler's Guide is a sourcebook for Werewolf: The Forsaken. The book contains idea for new chronicles to run, as well as the needed to run them.

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From the White Wolf Catalog:

A Chronicle Companion for Werewolf the Forsaken
You come with me, you're on a journey. You leave this safe and boring world and strap into a wild ride. You won't know where you're going. That's okay-because I don't know where I'm taking you. All I know is that life is short, but my teeth and my claws are long. The night awaits us, and I am hungry. Aren't you hungry, too?
- Anna Koren, Wild Child
The full book includes:
  • Thirteen chronicle kits, which modify, emphasize and defy your expectations of what Werewolf the Forsaken can be.
  • Ideas for chronicles set in ancient Sumer, in the trenches of eternal war, and with urban fantasy romance.
  • Every kit contains tools for players and Storytellers alike, with ideas to integrate them into existing chronicles as well as new ones.

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  • This book was originally released in four separate parts.

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