Name: Forgotten
Nicknames: The Lightning-Struck, Victims of Misfortune, Chosen of the Grey Horseman, Marked by Fate's Injustice
Keys: Industrial, Pyre-Flame

The Forgotten are one of the Thresholds in Geist: The Sin-Eaters. It represents one of the ways a Bound could view his own death.


The Forgotten usually died in unexpected and grotesque ways: a junk of debris from an airplane; a promotional poster for security services that collapses and kills one of the workers, the man who died in a heart attack after an old woman wished him exactly that fate, the man who slips in the bathtube and drowns while he is unconscious. The Forgotten have recently chosen the apocryphal Fifth Horseman as their patron, the thrower of dice and bearer of the gun. It is a being of chance and the Forgotten find that they, more than anyone else, are prone into stumbling into something important. Ghosts and monsters turn up wherever a Forgotten goes, as the mischievous hand of luck seems to follow him to his second life.

The Geists of the Forgotten are an unknowable lot, as chaotic as luck itself: a thing made wholly of keys and string; an emaciated man with no eyes and a mouth that sometimes gapes wide enough to swallow a grown man whole; or a woman wrapped tightly in barbed wire who bleeds forever and sings rather than speaking.


The Deathsight of a Forgotten is something like a collage, where everything seems to appear at once. The mish-mash of elements flashes before the Bound, just a few at a time, the scene of death playing out behind her mind’s eye, both for the people to whom she owes money and the people for whom she is selling books.



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