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The Forest of Lies is part of the Great Forest and one of the relatively Stable Points of the Far Dreaming.



The Forest of Lies runs in patterns too complex for most to comprehend. It always borders the division of the Far Dreaming and the Deep Dreaming. It was in the Forest of Lies that Asterlan and his entourage did battle with the spiders of the Sighing Chasm. There is nothing good within the Forest of Lies. Everything here is dark and brooding, likely spawned by human fears of the forest primeval. The fruits borne by the ancient, gnarled trees of the forest are bitter and often poisonous to Kithain. The animals here are all predatory, and most grow to sizes that would make an army of trolls hesitate.

The most dangerous aspect of the Forest is that it seldom shows itself as it truly is, for that is its nature. The trees might seem vibrant with life, and pixies might roam across the flowering bushes that rest idle beneath the monolithic hardwoods. But what is seen is not what is real. The sweeter the picture, the greater the danger to any who dare step away from the Silver Path. To make matters worse, there are places where the Silver Path appears to divide, splitting into three, four, or even a dozen different trods. In these cases, there is seldom more than one that is the proper course to take. Many who enter the Forest of Lies come close to loosing all hope, as the very clouds above spill rains that seem weighty with Banality, though the banal can't exist so far into the Dreaming.

The Forest of Lies is a Nightmare Realm, though it is far subtler than many. Some believe the very seat of Thallain power rests within it, though only the Shadow Court might know the truth of the matter.


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