Footstomper is a Rock Yunwi Tsundsi Brave in Kentucky and a child of Granite.

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Footstomper's tribe of Yunwi Tsundsi live in the middle of strip-mining country in Eastern Kentucky. Although he was originally a warrior who followed the way of the Dogwood Camp, the humans' continual disregard for the land has brought him into his Winter Aspect. Now he delights in singling out luckless individuals for barrages of stones, thrown from his carefully selected hiding places. Occasionally, he ventures into a town and wreaks havoc on storefront windows with his well-placed missiles. Currently, he's trying to get more of his tribe to join him, hoping to eventually make his human targets' lives so miserable that they'll leave the area.

He has heard that other Nunnehi in the mountains are trying to form an alliance with certain shapechangers in the region. He isn't certain that they are following the wisest course of action. He knows of the shapechangers who live near Cumberland Falls; his tribe has debated the wisdom of making overtures to these wolf-people. He has argued against it, but fears that his youth and inexperience carry little weight within the tribe. Recently, he began to form a band of raiders, intent on carrying out his plans on a larger scale.

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In his mortal seeming, Footstomper appears as a short (5'2") Cherokee male in his late teens with shoulder-length black hair and a perpetual scowl on his face. He dresses in jeans and a worksheet, although he adorns himself with jewelry made from natural materials. In fae mien, he is a diminutive (4'8"), stocky male with golden skin and dark hair.

Personal Edit

Footstomper has decided that mortals are only good for target practice. They have invaded the homeland of his Family, and only through much convincing can they be made to leave. He speaks little, and carries a lot of rocks.

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